"Yissachar photographed a wedding and bat mitzvah for us. Yissachar is very energetic and personable and used these traits to pull together an eclectic group of family members and guests to create wonderful photographs. He relates to people of all ages. Yissachar thinks on his feet and captures great spontaneous photo ops....like a tour group walking through the festivities. Yissachar knows where the action is at a simcha and is there with his camera to capture the excitement. Yissachar was very prompt with getting the finished product into our hands which added to the general simcha."
Ellen & Uriel Segal
Bet Shemesh, Israel
"I highly recommend Yissachar as a photographer.
He was the photographer for my daughter's Bat Mitzva and we were very happy with him and his work. He interacts positively with the family and the guests, adding to the atmosphere. The week after,he photographed my nephew's Bar Mitzva, and again, he did a great job!"
Helise & David Pollack
Beit Shemesh, Israel
"Thank you so much for the beautiful photos you took the morning our son put on Tefilin at the Kotel.  You were a pleasure to work with, on time and most if all, your pictures were beautiful.  Special thanks for putting together a beautiful album within 48 hours so that we were able to come home with beautiful photos."
Shimmie & Beth Kaminetsky
Boca Raton, FLA
"It was great working with Yissachar!  Our Bar Mitzvah pictures came out amazing and they were ready the Shabbat following his aliya at the Kotel!  My whole family, while still in Israel, were able to relive those precious moments that only Yissachar's photos could capture!"
Rina Gross
New York, NY                
"Once again thank you so much, for the wonderful job you did photographing our son's hanachat teffilin at the kotel. Your crisp, clear photos captured the excitement of the morning and have helped to preserve the simchah in our hearts and minds. We greatly appreciated your professionalism and flexibility in coordinating all of the people and special circumstances that morning. You added much to our simchah and we hope to share many more with you and all of klal yisroel!"
Yisroel and Elisheva Kaminetsky
Woodmere, N.Y.
"Yissachar – Thanks so much for being with us every step of the way at our son’s bar mitzvah!   The photos of the hanachat tefillin at the kotel and at the event are precious, each and everyone!  You managed to catch everybody’s “right side” and the results were fantastic. Looking at the beautiful photos makes it so much more of a memorable simcha. You will be first on our list of people to call for our next simcha bezrat hashem!! "
Naomi & Simcha Zbar
Bet Shemesh, Israel
"What can i say, we had the most amazing time in israel.
We are so thankful for the zechus that we had to be there this summer for our son's Bar Mitzvah.  Our simcha was made even more special by the amazing people that we met while we were there.  Yissacher thank you for doing such an amazing job!!!
we love all the pictures that you took and we appreciate each and everyone of them as we are constantly looking at them and re-living our son's bar mitzvah!!
you have made our memories come alive!!  May the new year bring you much mazel and bracha!  shanah tova,"
Cheryl Gross
Montreal, Canada
"The pictures were really great. Thank you so much for making such a lovely lasting memory of Shmuel Bar Mitzvah. Everybody complements the photos."
Lilian & Dov Dulberg
London, UK

"Thanks for taking our beautiful family portrait. It is especially meaningful for us to get all of our children into a picture together, including Yehoshua, our autistic son. We know how hard it is to catch all of us looking at the camera at one time with everyone looking happy. You managed.to do it quickly and efficiently at a moment’s notice without ideal lighting or background. We love the pictures and want several copies to keep a pictorial history of the family on our wall, in the office etc. . That means you’ll have to take pictures of us frequently! We’re looking forward to it.
With Thanks,"
Ricky and Chezkie Zigelman
Efrat, Israel 



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